Your guide to 20 unique cities around the US

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Your guide to 20 unique cities around the US
"Seattle is my home, and I love my city! The city is laid-back, the people are down-to-earth, and the seafood is oh-so-fresh. While Seattle is urban enough to keep you busy, its proximity to the mountains and water keeps you refreshed and grounded." -- Hey Pretty Thing
"You're in Seattle, so you have to start the day off with coffee! While Starbucks originated from this city (the original one is in Pike Place Market), there are plenty of delicious, local coffee roasters and cafes to visit." -- Hey Pretty Thing
"I could go on forever about the amazing people, places, and things to do here in Charleston. There are so many ways to spend an enjoyable day here, regardless of the time of year." -- Look Linger Love
"[A must-visit] is my favorite paper shop, Mac NMurphy. It's full of charm and of the coolest lines like Rifle Paper Co and Poppin." -- Look Linger Love
"With the recent start of Saints’ football season and cooler air around the corner, I can’t help but get excited about visiting the Big Easy! I live about an hour out of the city so visiting New Orleans always feels like a mini staycation and I always have to stop at least one to five of my favorite places." -- Haute off the Rack
"If you’ve never been to New Orleans before, do yourself a favor and book a trip right now. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything else. I’ll tell you all of the top places to wine, dine, shop and stay in New Orleans starting the most important thing on the list...FOOD!" -- Haute off the Rack
"I have a HUGE sweet tooth – so bakeries are first on my list when I visit a new town! One you have to visit here in Utah is Eva’s Bakery, an authentic, beautiful bakery and café that I just love." -- Little J Style
"I have to say that I would so much rather go to a local boutique to shop than a big, nationwide store.Koo De Ker Boutique is one of my absolute favorites! It’s in the 9th & 9th area, which is a really cute shopping area here in SLC." -- Little J Style
"Even though I love discovering new places, I’ve come to realize that there are some pretty special places right in the US, including Atlanta! After living here for a few years, I’ve developed some favorite spots and I always love sharing them with visitors." -- Lush to Blush
"Why is it that cupcakes taste better when they come from an ATM? Not that Sprinkles cupcakes aren’t already amazing as is. Just writing this makes me want one immediately." -- Lush to Blush
"Though Dallas is our home, the city is constantly growing and evolving, so we are always exploring to stay up-to-date on what's new!" -- The Perennial Style
"We've rounded up some of our favorite places and activities to share with you all for your next Dallas getaway. Despite the glitz and glamour of this Texas city, exploring on a budget is definitely accessible!" -- The Perennial Style
"Today, I’m sharing a City Guide of Lincoln, Nebraska from the WhipperBerry point of view. I have truly come to fall in love with this little city." -- Whipperberry
"Cornfields surround us but we are a thriving, friendly city. Lincoln is a great little city rich with good eats, fun shopping, talented makers and great activities for all ages." -- Whipperberry
"While Newport is an awesome place to visit and a huge tourist destination it can also be really expensive (I know, I live here!) Here’s my top list of things to do in town that won’t break the bank!" -- Prosecco & Plaid 
"The NEHC is one of my favorite shops in town with brands like TopShop, Wildfox, Saturdays NYC and Vans. Ros also carries the best Newport t-shirts in town and you can see the harbor from her bright deck chairs out front!" -- Prosecco & Plaid
"There is a long list of places I love eating at in Boca. For coffee I love The Seed, a specialty coffee shop with locally roasted coffee and seasonal juices and smoothies." -- Seasonally Jane
"Of course, the beaches are available all year round because of Boca Raton’s fantastic weather. There are even dog friendly beaches available for the pooch!" -- Seasonally Jane
"As a New Yorker, I’m constantly asked for advice on what to see and do when visiting the city. And quite often that request is followed by the phrase ‘that won’t break the bank’. I get it. This town boasts an overwhelming number of things to see and do and notably some of those options are expensive. But if you know where to look, there are so many ways to enjoy this city on a budget." -- The Steele Maiden
"First things first - who are you spending your time with while in New York? From a romantic date to a girl’s night out - I’ve broken it down so that you can choose your own adventure." -- The Steele Maiden
"When it comes to exploring a city, it’s easy to forget about your own home town.  By now you know that I’m a born-and-raised, all-natural, certified organic Portlander. I choose to live here not only to be near to my family, but because it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the country." -- The Wanderlust Kitchen
"It’s impractical to tell you about all of the amazing places to be fed and watered while you’re visiting Nob Hill, but I’ve picked out a few of my favorites for lunch, happy hour, dinner, dessert, and late night debauchery." -- The Wanderlust Kitchen
"We love playing tourists in our own city and finding new favorite spots or checking something off our LA bucket list, so we have experienced a lot in our time living here." -- West Coast Capri
"The Grove is one of the most beautiful outdoor shopping areas I've been to with a water feature in the middle and grass to relax on ... You need to try the truffle burger at Umami Burger and be sure to get the sweet potato fries, but save room for a cupcake at Sprinkles or ice cream from Bennett's for dessert." -- West Coast Capri
"It’s been exactly four years since I moved up North and made the Boston area my home. And it only justdawned on me that in all my recent adventures – to Paris, Iceland, and all over the US – I’ve never done a tour of the great city of Boston. With a whirlwind summer nearly behind me, I thought I’d share someof my favorite stops around downtown and a few of my frequent haunts in Beacon Hill." -- The Young Austinian
"I have several downtown favorites, but recently I like to pop by Commonwealth Books tucked away on the little historic Spring Street. In my opinion, the older and dustier the bookstore the better – that’s where the best treasures are anyways – but the main lure of this shop is the resident orange cat that has his own little reading nook in the front window." -- The Young Austinian
"It’s been three years, four months and eleven days now since I began eating, drinking and perusing my way through Kansas City – iPhone (and Pete) in tow. So much has changed since then, but one constant remains the same: there is always some place new to explore." -- 26 and Not Counting
"Is 'dress local' a thing? If so, The Westside Storey is your one-stop shop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in to 'window shop' and walked out with another KC tee to add to my collection." -- 26 and Not Counting
"I moved to Kansas City in 2008, fresh from graduating college and not too excited about residing in a “flyover”state.  I was immediately surprised and quickly enamored with the Paris of the Plains." -- Handmade in the Heartland
"One of our favorite things to do has always been to seek out and find the best spots to eat and shop in our city.  Today I’m bringing you a comprehensive guide to my favorite places in Kansas City." -- Handmade in the Heartland
"Living in Portland for the past year has been wonderful, there's so much to do and see and, without the LA traffic, there's lots more time it take it all in. ... Being a beverage enthusiast, I thought it would be nice to do a guide specific to drinking, since Portland has such an insane number of good bars, breweries, wineries, coffee roasters, and tea makers." -- Adventures in Cooking
"All the places listed here are pretty affordable (unless stated otherwise), since traveling can get pricey it’s nice to have a budget in mind before heading out. This makes Portland especially attractive because there is no sales tax here, hurray!" -- Adventures in Cooking
"My hometown of Oklahoma City offers many fun activities and great places to eat at a fair price.  I decided to scout around the city and make a quick weekly guide to some of my favorite spots that are not only budget friendly but fun." -- Allyson in Wonderland
"After dinner, hit up Dust Bowl for some bowling at this 70's inspired bowling alley and bar.  Lanes are only $30 making it an affordable and fun evening when split with friends.  The décor alone keeps me coming back -- I'm just a sucker for anything retro-chic." -- Allyson in Wonderland
"I’ve lived in Chapel Hill for the majority of my life, and it’s an incredibly charming and underrated town. Everyone who lives here is always saying things like 'we have to keep our little slice of heaven a secret!'" -- Boho Chic Cafe
"Though known for a lot of things (UNC/Duke basketball rivalry, the family-friendly community, and research triangle park), what draws me in the most is the people, southern charm, and its aesthetic beauty." -- Boho Chic Cafe
"Today's post focuses on all things that are special and amazing about Boulder, CO. ... We are going to explore where to eat, where to shop and how to enjoy all that Boulder has to offer without breaking the bank." -- Cooking and Beer
"When it comes to shopping, your options are limitless. The Pearl Street Mall is an outdoor mall that has just about anything you could possibly want. Not only is it packed full of coffee shops and good restaurants, the shopping is one of the best. With a mixture of local art stores, high-end clothing boutiques and outdoor gear wonderlands, you name it, the Pearl Street Mall has it." -- Cooking and Beer
"I get a lot of questions from people about what to do and where to go in Lexington, so today I am dishing on all of my favorite places to eat, shop, drink & visit that won't break the bank!" -- Glitter & Gingham
"Downtown Lexington is on the up and up, which I love! With new restaurants & shops popping up everywhere, it is becoming the heart of the city!" -- Glitter & Gingham

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From Seattle to Portland, New York and Newport, there are so many incredible cities around the country. While traveling locally might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're planning a vacation, we believe in seeing the beauty of what America has to offer -- and we promise you're about to start planning a LOT of quick weekend getaways to some of the nation's most gorgeous cities.

We asked several of our bloggers to give us a tour of their hometown, creating city guides for the places they know best and love most. Whether it's the perfect spot to grab a latte or where to find the cutest boutiques, you'll get an insider look of how to explore these cities like a local -- and even better, on a budget. No one wants to break the bank!

Check out the slideshow above for a sneak peek at all 20 city guides, and click through to get the full guide to each unique location!
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