Woman announces pregnancy to husband for his birthday

Woman Announces Pregnancy To Husband On His Birthday
Woman Announces Pregnancy To Husband On His Birthday

Catie Reay wanted to give her husband the best early birthday present of all -- the surprise of a lifetime. Chad is already a step-father to Catie's two children from another relationship, and their family continues to grow!

At first, Chad, of Casper, Wyoming, thought his "gift" was a watch he wanted -- but when he opened the box, he saw a positive pregnancy test. He immediately broke down in tears of happiness!

Catie explained to Jukin, "I just couldn't wait till my husbands birthday to give him the news that we were expecting another little one! Blessed as we've been, he has taken on my two little ones as his own, as a step-daddy, and In this video he finds out that he gets to experience it all from the beginning for the first time. Blessed that my husband has such a gentle heart."