'Sad UVA fan' may have lost the game, but won the Internet

Another Top 10 Internet Memes
Another Top 10 Internet Memes

Oh the internet, what a fascinating place. It seems like nowadays, anyone can become an internet sensation, simply by engaging in one buzzworthy act.

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The "Sad UVA Fan" went viral after Saturday night's "heart-wrenching defeat," when Norte Dame scored the game-winning touchdown against the University of Virginia.

This laugh-worthy moment started out as a simple camera shot, and has since evolved into so much more. The Twitter account, @SadVirginiaFan, has been an instant hit since its inception on Saturday night.

Here's a Vine video of the notorious moment, just in case you missed the game:


Here are some of the 'memes' that the Twitter account and hashtag has produced so far:

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