Police officers share shocking confessions about life on the job

Over the past year, police officers have been the target of major controversy as more and more unwarranted shootings have occurred, typically against black people, and more and more innocent officers have been shot and killed as well.

The abundant headlines surrounding police brutality as well as kind, selfless acts of police officers begs the question of how police officers should be regarded during this day and age. While some appear to abuse their authority by harassing innocent people, others go out of their way to provide comfort and safety to their community members.

Regardless of their dispositions, police officers all over the country have faced backlash, criticism and genuine fear for their lives throughout their careers. Many have also experienced interesting confrontations and encounters. Therefore, several police officers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share shocking confessions about their jobs.

They're people with families and loved ones too:
As a police officer, it truly sucks when society categorizes and degrades us. I chose this job because I've always wanted to be a female police officer, and that makes me no less human than anyone else. I go home to a family too.

They don't get perks with the job:
I got a ticket for speeding. I'm a cop. The same rules apply to us.

They want us to walk in their shoes before judging them:
As a police officer, I wish people could spend a week in my shoes. To see what it's like...and why you talk crazy to people that won't take their hands out of their pockets.

It's a job that comes with constant risk and fear:
As a police officer I love my job, but hide the fact of how terrified  I am to get killed in the line of duty and leaving my fiancé and baby without a dad and husband

Although sometimes the thrill isn't quite as imagined:
As a police officer I always thought my job would be more exciting

Many just want to do what they can to help others:
I'm a police officer, and I'm far from perfect. I've seen so much pain. I wish the world could be a better place.  A guy can dream I guess

They're well aware of the negative stigma that's been circulating the media:
I risk my life as a police officer everyday for everyone. Yet, people hate me because of media wrongfully portraying hero's in blue. But I will continue doing right. Regardless of reverse racism.

Just like everyone else, they need to eat to survive:
As a police officer I hate when Im getting lunch and people say "shouldn't you be fighting crime instead of sitting down" like I'm only human I don't have crime senses and I do need to eat...

Sometimes they're fine with going a bit over the speed limit:
I'm a cop, and to be honest the only bad part of my job is in traffic when everyone sees me they do the speed limit. I just want to get home.

They're forced to make tough decisions that always stay with them:
I'm a police officer. I shot someone today.  I've never felt more conflicted inside in my entire life. He would've killed me if I didn't; but he's dead and it's my fault.

Better work those persuasive skills and charm BEFORE the cops start writing you up:
As a cop I want people to know that once I start writing a ticket I can't just stop. Even if I wanted to give you a break, I can't.

But know that you're not fooling anyone:
As a police officer, it's crazy what women will try to do to get out of a ticket

While some try to reverse the negative stigma, others own it:
I am a cop and I can tell you most of us don't harass because we are corrupt, we do it because we are bored and can get away with it.

Nevertheless, they all risk their lives on a daily basis:
I'm a police officer and I'm scared for my life every time I put that badge on

For more police confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to learn more about the killings of innocent police officers:

Mississippi Town Mourns Slain Police Officers

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