Photographer creates emotional family photo for widowed mother

Stephanie Summers was five months pregnant with her first child when her husband, Taurean Summers, was tragically killed in a plane crash.

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Laura Gordillo had originally taken photos of the happy couple on their wedding anniversary before Summers' death. Stephanie reached out to Gordillo when Taurean Jr. was 5 months old, to take some photographs of mother and son.

As a surprise gift to Summers, the photograph transposed the couple's original photo with the new photo of mother and son, and the results are emotionally beautiful. Gordillo tells Yahoo Parenting, "Stephanie didn't think she'd have a family photo to ever hang on her wall and show her son. Now it's something she can show him for years to come."

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Posted by Laura Gordillo Photography on Monday, September 7, 2015

Summers was blown away, to say the least. Gordillo tells Yahoo Parenting that Summers "isn't ready just yet to talk about the photo, but the photographer told Yahoo that she's really happy with the image and by sharing it she wants to remind people to cherish those they love."

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How beautiful? Watch the video below for another heartfelt story:

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