NFL team surprises boy after he names tumor after rival quarterback

Young Bears Fan Names Tumor After Hated Rival Aaron Rodgers
Young Bears Fan Names Tumor After Hated Rival Aaron Rodgers

Millions of people watched the Chicago Bears go against the Green Bay Packers this weekend, but for one boy, the game was truly special.

When Miguel Reyes was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past year, the young football fan told WGN that the best way to beat the cancer was to name it after rival Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

The story caught the attention of the Chicago Bears who gave Miguel tickets and invited him to watch the Bears take on Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. ESPN reported that the Bears emailed the Elkhart, Indiana boy to attend the season opener after hearing Reyes' story.

Although he didn't get to meet the players, Reyes and his family had a limo escort to the game and a chance to go on the field.

The 14-year-old said the idea to name his tumor after the famed football player came from his teacher, whom he affectionally calls "Aunt Peg." He says it's because Rodgers is a big threat to the Bears and "a really good quarterback."

His mom, Christy, says the entire naming situation is funny because it came from a family football rivalry:

It's extremely funny because his Aunt Peg is a huge Packers fan and he's a Bears fan and it's just this rivalry...

Unfortunately for Reyes, the Packers defeated the Bears 31-23 at Soldier Field yesterday.

When it comes to his health, his mom said the family is holding up:

Every day is a little difficult. But when he has good days, we celebrate the good days and cherish the good days and it makes the bad days that much more easier to take an accept.

It's been an emotional week for the 14-year-old, who began his 8th round of chemotherapy last Tuesday.

Reyes told the WGN it is a long road to recovery and his family is currently raising funds to pay for bills and for a service dog for him because he does not have any peripheral vision in his left eye. You can donate to the boy's GoFundMe page here.

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