Lush raises hundreds of thousands of dollars with 'gay soap'

Lush Named Top High Street Shop in Which? Survey
Lush Named Top High Street Shop in Which? Survey

#GayIsOk soap just raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for LGBT funds worldwide.

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Lush, a worldwide natural beauty shop, just announced they raised a total of $425,000 from the summer sale of their #GayIsOK soap. The gold, glittery bars of soap were sold to celebrate Pride season around the world, and raise money for LGBT related organizations.

%shareLinks-quote="A little sparkly soap goes a long way...Thousands of Lush customers, All Out members, VIPs and allies of the LGBT community told the world that #GayIsOK and made this an epic campaign!" type="quote" author="Alessandro Commisso" authordesc="Lush" isquoteoftheday="false"%

All of the funds raised are being placed in the "Love Fund." Of this $425,000, $78,535 is going to the LGBT worldwide campaigning group

Other grassroots community and advocacy groups are encouraged to submit applications for grants (up to $15,400) from the rest of the fund. The deadline for grant applications is October 31.

See how customers around the world love their #GayIsOk soap:

Click here to see Gay Pride parades across the globe:

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