Transgender teen named homecoming queen at high school

Landon Patterson is flying high today after winning homecoming queen at Oak Park High School on Saturday night.

The Kansas City school made history made history after the senior class nominated Patterson, a transgender student, for homecoming queen.

Patterson told KCTV that she had always dreamed of riding in the parade and winning the crowd but she never thought her classmates would see her as a female:

"I've dreamed about it since my freshman year, but I never knew it was possible for me

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Patterson said she spent most of her life identifying as a gay male but felt incomplete.

She explained:

There's always been something so much deeper inside me. I finally realized, I am female. I feel like I'm a girl on the inside.

%shareLinks-quote="Patterson came out as transgender last year to a show of support from her classmates. Their nomination for homecoming queen is proof of that." type="spreadWord"%

Orie Agbaji, another homecoming queen nominee, praised Patterson for her courage:

She has so much strength that I envy. She's just beautiful and I love her.

Patterson's mom, Debbie Hall, has been there to support her every step of the way. And she was there for the parade as well, riding right next to her daughter. She sees no other option but to support Patterson:

That's my child. You have to back your child. The haters out there, I just want to say, 'What would you say if it was your child?'

The smile never left Patterson's face throughout all the homecoming festivities. Before the results were announced, Patterson said that she couldn't care less about winning:

I'm hoping it's helping other people in my situation because that's my goal.

What matters to her is that she was getting her story out to the community. But winning wasn't so bad, either.

See how another high school supported their classmate when students walked out after a transgender student was denied access to the girls' restroom:

Students Walk Out to Protest Transgender Teen
Students Walk Out to Protest Transgender Teen

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