Mom and dog give birth on the same day and have an adorable photoshoot

Mom and dog give birth on the same day and have an adorable photoshoot

Warning: extreme cuteness ahead.

When Kami Klingbeil found out she was pregnant, she was ready to welcome a new bundle of joy into her family. But when the day she gave birth rolled around, the baby was not the only new addition. Klingbeil's dog had just delivered birth to nine puppies just hours before baby Brydon arrived.

Kami told Inside Edition, "We had no idea it was going to happen."

Even though her dog Delia's due date was two days before Klingbeil's, the dog still hadn't given birth when Klingbeil left for the hospital.

Then she got a call from her dad telling her that Delia was in labor, too. Even though Delia went into labor after her owner, the dog beat her and gave birth to nine pups three hours before Klingbeil welcomed baby Brydon into the world.

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Kami said the idea for the photoshoot began when she joked with her photographer friend who had taken photos at the hospital that they should do a shoot for all the newborns in the family. Days later, photographer Teresa Raczynski got in touch with Klingbeil to set it up.

Brydon was just six days old. The new mom said he had fun, but not at first:

"He loved it...he was hating the pictures but then we started putting the puppies on top of him and he loved cuddling them."

She said that even the pups were fans of the shoot:

"They liked his warmth and he liked theirs."

The photographer shared the results of the photoshoot on her Park Avenue Photography Facebook page.

Klingbeil said she and her husband plan to keep one of the puppies and the other eight already have homes waiting for them but hopes that they can continue to take photoshoots like this in the future:

"I'm hoping to keep all the dog owners in the loop...we'd love to do another photoshoot at 6 months and a year," she said.

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