Encouraging new study says eating fish could make you less depressed

Study: Eating Fish Reduces Risk of Depression in Women

Good news! Scientists say eating more fish can significantly lower your risk of depression. Claims that this or that food curbs or causes depression aren't new and, for that matter, also aren't uncontroversial, but a group of researchers in China reviewed 26 studies going back 15 years and involving 150,278 participants and found that people who ate the most fish were 17 percent less likely to suffer depression than people who ate the least amount of seafood.

The authors admit they can't explain why this is the case: The fact that fish is healthy probably doesn't hurt, and they suggest the omega-3 fatty acids found in them may increase the brain's dopamine and serotonin levels, sort of like a natural Prozac of the sea — only one that's way tastier and goes just fine with alcohol.

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