Deputies find kids living in crate in underground caves


A mom is in jail after authorities found her two kids living in a wooden crate in an underground cave in Missouri, according to WPTZ.

Police charged Brittany Mugrauer with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Jackson County Sheriff's deputies found the children living in a wooden crate on East 23rd St. in Kansas City, Missouri.

Court documents show that the children, 4 and 6-year-old, were first discovered in a 10' x 8' wooden crate with car seats and blankets and were barefoot and filthy.

According to the documents, the children told authorities that "mema and papa live in a hotel" while they lived in a cave with their mother.

"It's quite inhumane," a man who rents a space in the cave told WPTZ. "I don't even believe they allow animals to live like that, so for a person or two children, I'm saddened by it."

The man told WTPZ that the caves were damp and cold and likened them to a storage facility.

"It's not a living space," the man said.

The oldest child is 6 years old and should be in first grade but does not attend school.

Mugrauer told investigators by phone that the children had reportedly been living in the cave for several days without a parent, according to court records.

Mugrauer was taken into police custody on Friday and prosecutors have requested her bail to be set at $75,000.

The children were taken and evaluated at a nearby hospital and were given new clothes, a bath and some food.

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