16 millennials share adorable stories about their grandparents

While we sometimes make fun of our grandparents for their lack of technological and social media skills and their tendency to romanticize the days of their youth, the reality is that their preference to call rather than text and their stories of the courting processes they once endured are both refreshing and endearing. That's why, in 1978, Marian McQuade of Fayette County, West Virginia implemented a day for grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that National Grandparents Day would occur every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, September 13 marks National Grandparents Day.

We all aspire to be more like our grandparents as they have the purest hearts and fully enjoy even the simplest of daily pleasures. We may have complained about having to visit the grandparents instead of going to parties with friends while growing up, but we secretly looked forward to sorting through their vintage photo albums as they told us slightly exaggerated stories of their days spent hitchhiking, listening to "Beatles" cassettes, and attending local dances on Friday nights.

To mark the occasion, several millennials took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share adorable facts and stories about their beloved grandparents.

Their infinite wisdom surpasses even Google's:
My grandpa goes "I don't need Google or those fancy smart phones... grandma knows everything!"

They call things as they see them and remind us that life isn't so black and white:

My grandma calls Mozilla Firefox, Godzilla flame wolf... And I'm not correcting her.

They have a quick fix for just about everything:
I told my grandfather that his phone was frozen, he started to blow dry it

They know what it means to love better than anyone:
At 91, my grandpa still gets up every morning to make my grandma breakfast in bed; I want a relationship like that

They're the best wingmen in the book:
Every time I take my grandma out she likes to tell all the men we come across I'm single...She says I can just call her g-harmony.

They show us why chivalry is worth the hype:
My grandparents always say they don't like each other. But today I saw my pap holding the car door open for my grandma. They might not like each other, but they sure do love each other.

And that sometimes being selfless is the best form of selfishness:
true love is my grandfather letting my grandma play country music the whole ride while we all know he absolutely can't stand it

They might not be too technologically savvy...
My grandma just said, "I wonder if they deliver emails on Sundays.."

But they always know how to have a good time:
My grandfather and I went on a double date so we could meet each other's new girlfriends.  Best night I've had in a long time.

They may be a bit out of it sometimes, but they're always looking out for us:
My grandpa called my phone 20 times to let me know I left my phone at his place

They're the only people who can make a lack of technological awareness seem endearing:
I just facetimed my grandparents and got to watch their ears for about half an hour

Because they're really just children at heart:
I told my grandma there were shirtless models in Abercrombie&Fitch and she literally ran in without looking back.

They make us raise our standards and only settle for the very best:
Just learned my grandpa chased my grandma onto the plane as she was leaving begging her to marry him. They've been married 44 years.  #goals

They support us endlessly, even from thousands of miles away:
My grandma is my biggest stalker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They boost our confidence and help us see ourselves the way they see us:
My grandma thinks every guy I talk to likes me. I'm not that lucky, granny!

And, of course, they teach us the importance of priorities:
My grandma just hung up on me because judge Judy was starting

Thanks for being the best, grandparents. Happy National Grandparents Day!

For more grandparent stories, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to see awesome grandparents living it up and trying new things:

Never Too Old: Grandparents Trying New Things

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