Watch what getting hit with a Taser looks like in slow motion

Video Shows Impact of Taser in Slow Motion

Extreme slow motion videos are always a fascinating way to see things that the human eye cannot normally catch. This time the Slow Mo Guys, a YouTube channel that has been posting viral slow motion videos, pointed their cameras towards a Taser, and the Taser toward a guy.

First, the video demonstrate the firing process, in which you can see the probes exiting the gun together with colorful confetti-like pieces of paper that state the ID of the Taser so that ballistics can be tracked. After a couple of demonstration shots, the video shows the effects of the probes hitting a human target. The back of the unfortunate candidate can be seen contracting from right to left after the probes puncture his skin.

See more below:

This Is What A Taser Looks Like In Slow Motion

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