Gamers rejoice, today is National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day Celebrates the Best in Gaming
National Video Game Day Celebrates the Best in Gaming

Happy National Video Game Day. There is a national day for everything, even for gamers.

Video games are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with professional gamers becoming millionaires at eSports and major companies like YouTube starting their dedicated video game streaming services.

The video game mania started in 1940 when Edward Condon brought a computer he designed to the World's Fair and let people play a traditional game called "Nim", where players try not to pick the last match. Tens of thousands of people played it and the computer won more than 90 percent of the games. We have gone a long way from this basic electronic interaction, and already in 1962 MIT students created Spacewar!, which looked like this:

A new generation of microcomputers in the 1970s made it easier to commercialize video games and a wave of improvement that led to the creation of arcade games like the super famous Pong in 1972:

The golden age of arcade games lasted until the late 80s when personal computer, and ultimately gaming consoles became a more spread phenomenon, allowing anyone to play in their own house. Glorious consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System brought games like Super Mario Bros. to the market, and opened the way to new types of interfaces controlled by joypads.

A major shift from 2D graphics to 3D made the industry boost the look of video games as well as the power of the processors used to play them. New consoles were introduces in the market, including portable ones like Sega Game Gear and the Game Boy, which entertained entire generations during their teen years.

The latest generations of console provides incredible graphic elements that look more and more like movies and have introduced online gameplay that allows millions of users to take part of the same missions and either compete with one another or help each other. The latest applications of gaming technologies are about to be revolutionized once again with the introduction of technologies such as the HoloLens, that merges games with virtual reality.

First HoloLens Coming From Microsoft 'Within the Next Year'
First HoloLens Coming From Microsoft 'Within the Next Year'

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