Behind the scenes with designer Jason Wu

Jason Wu at New York Fashion Week
Jason Wu at New York Fashion Week

By: Donna Freydkin

Following the elegant and glamorous Jason Wu Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week, we had the chance to sneak backstage and ask the designer a few questions.

Donna Freydkin: Can you speak to the woman you design for?
Jason Wu: I design for women. I've always been a women's designer, in a way that I embrace the woman's body, any shape. I really wanted this season to make clothes that have an inherent femininity and not frilly to the point of sweet, frilliness in a sophisticated way. Refined and modern.

DF: Also, can we please bow dow to you for flats?!
JW: Well you know, with so much going on with clothes, especially with the lace dresses and the frills, I felt like flats were a modern insert to go with it, and it just felt like such a right answer. The evening gowns, especially, with flats — that's what modern women want to wear, and that's what I want to do right now.

DF: How crazy does it get for you? As soon as this is over, do you start getting emails from people?
JW: No, I think for me it's always manageable! I have a set of girls I always work with that I've developed long relationships with and I'll continue to foster those relationships, and it's quite manageable.

DF: What's been your proudest red carpet moment?
JW: I'd have to say Diane Kruger at the SAG Awards about 4 years ago in a mustard yellow dress. She's a good friend of mine and we collaborate all the time, but that was really one of the moments where you were like, "everything is right."

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