You won't believe which actors never won an Emmy for iconic roles

You Won't Believe These Stars Never Won Emmy's
You Won't Believe These Stars Never Won Emmy's

It's Jon Hamm's last chance to nab an Emmy as suave ad man Don Draper.

The actor has always been the bridesmaid on TV's biggest night -- usually losing the crown to Bryan Cranston for his mean performances as "Breaking Bad's" Walter White. The one year Cranston wasn't eligible for an award, Hamm lost to Kyle Chandler "Friday Night Lights." In an unfortunate twist of fate, Hamm and Chandler are both in the running this year for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Sitting in the same boat with Hamm is "Parks & Rec" star Amy Poehler. Poehler's Leslie Nope may be a fan favorite character, but Emmy voters have reportedly shot down the actress's chance at a win.

But hey, at least Poehler and Hamm still have a chance to take home a statuette for their beloved roles. You'll will be shocked to learn how many of your favorite actors haven't won Emmy's for their iconic performances.

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Jerry Seinfeld, for instance, never actually won for "Seinfeld." Both Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus took home Emmy's for the show -- but Jerry and George? Not so much.

Fellow title character Dexter Morgan ("Dexter") racked up an impressive number of victims -- but the actor who played him, Michael C. Hall, can't say the same about Emmy's. Hall was nominated multiple times but his acceptance speech is still sitting in a tuxedo pocket.

Another leading man who was repeatedly snubbed was the good doctor -- Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House. Laurie never got any love from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences during his eight-season tenure ... Ouch!

Even one of our best "friends" wasn't able to nab a big win. Even though Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston both took home the prize, Courteney Cox wasn't even given the honor of a nomination -- and she's the only principal character from the highly-acclaimed sitcom without a nomination.

So best of luck Amy and Jon ... Maybe this is finally your year.

Check out the 2014 Emmy Awards red carpet:

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