Watch what happens when a surfer gets in a dolphin's way

Surfer Rides Wave While Lit on Fire
Surfer Rides Wave While Lit on Fire

Surfers often face dangers like sharks, rocks and giant waves. Some even set themselves on fire like in the video above. However, you don't normally think of dolphins as a threat to surfers. The cute animals that populate the sea are actually a danger when they bump into you at full speed, as happened in a video that Matt Minch posted on Facebook after surfing at Hermosa Beach, California.

Here is the footage that shows the surfer calmly watching a wave form when he spots a group of dolphins in the water. One of them is heading straight in his direction:

Dolphin Body Slam

Matt Minich and Peter Nelson paddling and surfing in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach when a dolphin surfing the waves didn't see Matt and gave him a body slam. Fortunately no one was hurt. Hit the little "HD" button to get the best quality video.

Posted by Matt Minich on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

See photos from when surfer Mick Fanning survived a shark attack:

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