This simple clip-on handgun gadget makes bullets non-lethal


In order to provide police and military forces with more and simpler options when it comes to using non-lethal weapons in dangerous situations, a company called Alternative Ballistics developed a clip-on attachment for handguns that turns regular bullets into non-lethal ones.

The accessory is called "The Alternative," and its simplicity is meant to not interfere with the usual operations that the gun carrier is working on, while still providing the chance to contain a threat without causing major internal damage to the opponent. The accessory is for a single use and is made of a bright orange plastic mount that holds an alloy sphere that traps the bullets once it's fired and increases its surface to prevent serious damage.

The debate over the use of weapons and non-lethal bullets is heated both in the military environment and the law enforcement field:

Shoot To Kill - The Paradox Of Non-Lethal Weapons
Shoot To Kill - The Paradox Of Non-Lethal Weapons

Here you can see The Alternative in action during a demonstration:

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