This incredible 3-D printed rib cage was implanted in a human

Cancer Patient Fitted with First Ever 3D-Printed Implant

It's not the latest Wolverine movie trailer. Once again technology managed to make something that sounds like it's from a science fiction movie into reality.

After a Spanish man lost his sternum due to cancer, the Salamanca University Hospital decided to give him a custom-designed prosthetic made of 3-D printed titanium to replace the patient's missing bone structure. An Australian medical device company scanned the patient's chest and used a $1.3 million 3-D printer to create the prosthetic that was then surgically implanted.

The patient has recovered since the surgery and became one of the latest medical marvels. 3-D printing is changing the way we manufacture across a multitude of fields and medicine has been one of the most daring with things such as 3-D printed drugs, skin,prosthetics and organs. These 3-D printed materials are helping not only humans but animals as well:

How 3D Printing Gave These Animals A New Life

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