Terrell Owens showed up to a group's fantasy football draft unannounced

2 Point Lead: T.O. Crashes a Fantasy Draft
2 Point Lead: T.O. Crashes a Fantasy Draft

This is such a great time of year for football fans. The preseason snooze-fest is over and the regular season is underway -- and, better yet, you get to see how you actually did on draft night.

There's a group of guys, though, who had a MUCH better fantasy draft than you. Why? Oh, you know, because Terrell Owens decided to crash their party.

The former NFL great, who racked up over 15,000 yards and 153 touchdowns in his career, looks like he could still compete in the league too. When offered beer and wings, he responded with a smirk before lifting up his shirt to show off insane abs.

He had some fun with the group of guys -- who all did double-takes when he walked into the room and started clapping -- and probably got a front-row seat reminder that people spend weeks (sometimes months) preparing for their big fantasy football soiree, with fear of flopping in front of their buddies and spending the entire fall wishing their squad was better.

Long story short, dudes take it way too seriously. But anytime TO shows up, the mood gets a tad lighter.

2 Point Lead: Socially Conscious Fantasy Draft
2 Point Lead: Socially Conscious Fantasy Draft

Have you ever thought of this, though? Maybe it's tough for some fantasy league members to draw the line between supporting a player by drafting him and not supporting their off-the-field antics.

Check out the video above and you'll get what we mean. Oh, and you'll probably crack up.

Happy fantasy season, all!

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