Steelers accuse Patriots of hacking into headsets in Week 1

Tomlin, Steelers Hear Patriots' Radio Broadcast in Game Headsets
Tomlin, Steelers Hear Patriots' Radio Broadcast in Game Headsets

The New England Patriots are fresh off a cheating scandal — and started Week 1 with a new cheating scandal.

We spent all summer long hearing about the DeflateGate and you'd think that might cause the Patriots to chill out a little bit with the shady activity. That wasn't the case though, as the Patriots are running scandal to scandal at the moment, following up DefalteGate and that epic ESPN exposé by cheating.

In the first quarter of the first week of the season, the Steelers accused the Patriots of cheating — again.

Unlike the Colts, who waited until after they were blown out in the AFC Championship game last season to accuse the Patriots of cheating, the Steelers brought it to the attention of officials right away.

Check out pictures from the whole 'Deflategate' scandal:

Like Mike Freeman said, you literal cannot make this sh– up. The Patriots and Bill Belichick couldn't have less remorse or give fewer f—s what people think about him and this is definitive proof beyond a doubt. NFL teams pull this kind of thing all the time though, so it's nit like Belichick is violating some sacred rule.

That being said, anything the Patriots do to cheat is going to be blown way out of proportion and this is no exception.

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