Researchers discover Alaskan shipwreck from 1813

Alaskan Shipwreck Discovered
Alaskan Shipwreck Discovered

Imagine being shipwrecked in Alaska in the middle of winter at a time when there was no way to communicate with the outside world.

That's what happened to the crew of the Russian-American ship, Neva way back in January of 1813. Crew members had endured a grueling, stormy, three-month voyage from Russia when the ship wrecked on an island.

There are no official records of the wreck, leaving it to an international team of researchers to piece together what happened next -- and it's an amazing tale.

They scavenged whatever washed ashore, started fires with gun flints and whittled down musket balls to fit smaller guns that remained. Finally, a month later, another ship came across them and rescued them. The wreck killed 32, and an additional 15 had already died at sea.

See the researchers' journey below: