NYFW survival guide: 7 tips for success


By: My Stiletto Life

It's here again: New York Fashion Week!

NYFW in the fall is a particularly crazy time of year. The weather is still warm—meaning hot, humid, and sweaty—so editors, bloggers, and celebrities alike flock to NYC to enjoy the parties and the fashion!

I've survived several fashion weeks now and as fun as it is (because it's always fun) it can be downright tiring, so I have put together my New York Fashion Week Survival Guide.

Flats or sandals in your purse:
Clearly I'm a stiletto gal, but I always carry a pair of sandals and flats in my purse. It's key to be able to make it through the day without having to amputate a foot!

Phone charger or attached mobile charged:
At this point, I can't even understand people who don't carry a charger with them 24/7. (Those battery lives are not what they used to be!) Between the Instagramming and all the other social apps, we bloggers are basically using our phones when we're sleeping: so you'll need to make sure you have that charger on you to stop into a cafe to juice up!

Make-up bag:
Always have concealer, blush, eye-liner, mascara, and lip gloss on hand to freshen up! Once you leave your apartment or hotel, you may not be back for awhile and the heat will melt your pretty painted face away!

Have a snack on hand:
There's not always time to sit and enjoy a leisurely brunch (as I have mentioned I am a fan of), so it's always good to have something in your bag so you don't end up passing out on the runway!

These will come in handy with the heat--you can dab off in between shows and parties.

A go-to bag that can carry the kitchen sink:
A bucket bag or a mini backpack will do the trick! There will be a lot of stuff in there, so I make sure it will hold it all but will still match my outfit—it is fashion week!

Advil, Gum, and Splenda:
Advil: avoiding any kind of pain is always a must. Gum: you will be talking to a lot of people and no one likes bad breath. Splenda: I don't trust most cafes' choice of artificial sugar and I will most likely be drinking a lot of iced coffee.

These are my New York Fashion Week Survival tips...wish me luck and make sure you follow along with me on Instagram: @mystilettolife.

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