Mom of three strips down in crowded marketplace

Why This Mother Stripped Down to Bikini in Public and Cried
Why This Mother Stripped Down to Bikini in Public and Cried

In the world we live in, body acceptance can be nearly impossible. In fact, in a study conducted by Glamour Magazine, a whopping 97 percent of women surveyed admitted to having at least one "I hate my body" moment.

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For Amy Pence-Brown, she used to fall into this overwhelming statistic. This mother of three from Boise, Idaho, explains, "I was a chubby kid turned curvy teen turned fat mother, but have been at peace with my body for many years."

In an effort to help others accept their own bodies and to bring attention to the body positivity movement, she stripped down to her bikini at a crowded farmer's market in Boise and urged strangers to draw hearts on her body.

This is a similar experiment to one done in London, but Pence-Brown says she was sure that Boise, Idaho is a less progressive place.

Watch the video here to see what happens:

%shareLinks-quote="At the time of the performance, I was terrified that no one would stop to draw a heart, that I'd stand there for minutes that felt like hours alone, that I'd be asked to leave by the police, and/or that people would say mean things to me." type="quote" author="Amy Pence-Brown" authordesc="People" isquoteoftheday="false"%

As you can see, Pence-Brown's fears were quickly alleviated. She says she was "overwhelmed" with warmth, positivity and a faith in humanity. She tells People Magazine that she hopes everyone who sees her experiment is inspired to love themselves and their bodies.

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