Hotel offers guests the chance to sleep in an old jail

Hotel Offers Guests The Chance To Sleep In An Old Jail

Forget a relaxing stay at the Four Seasons, why not spend a night in jail?

Jail, of course, is the last place anyone wants to be -- unless you're in this old jailhouse in Ohio.

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The old four-cell jailhouse in a quiet lakeside town in Ohio, about 45 minutes from Cleveland, is now a cozy B&B.

The 600-square foot Old Vermillion welcomed its guests for free from 1955 to 1998 as an active jailhouse, but it now will cost the guests about $189 a night for a stay.

The booking room is now a master bedroom with a queen bed, TV and fridge -- and artwork adorns the walls and floors where the prisoners once stood.

Hundreds of guests have stayed at the B&B since it opened in 2013. The owner says its customers sometimes use it as a romantic getaway or a honeymoon trip.

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