Cute alert! This toddler is afraid of her own shadow

Aww! Baby Is Terrified of Her Own Shadow
Aww! Baby Is Terrified of Her Own Shadow

Cuteness alert! This toddler got quite the fright when she realized a looming dark figure was following her.

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Turns was simply her own shadow. Lucky for us, her dad Mike Jacobs caught this hilarious moment on video and shared it on his Facebook page. Jacobs alerts us, "Wait for it..." And it's not too long before the toddler starts to scream and tumble into the concrete when she discovers her shadow.

Watch the full video here:

Wait for it...

Posted by Mike Jacobs on Thursday, September 10, 2015

So cute and so sad all at the same time! This toddler has become an instant sensation, gaining over 286,179 shares since it was posted on Facebook just 16 hours ago.

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