A mysterious pig with blue fat was found and the Internet is confused

10 Bizarre Animal Facts
10 Bizarre Animal Facts

The Internet is trying to figure out why a wild pig that was found in California presented mysterious blue fat on the inside of its skin. The photos surfaced on Reddit and the user asked for collective help to understand what the cause of the atypical pigmentation is.

From an Imgur post, we understand that the pig was found on a ranch in Morgan Hill, California, where it was shot. The user's in-laws took the pig home and gut it open when they found the shockingly blue interiors and documented it. Here are the singular photos that are sparking the Internet's curiosity:

Some users suggested that the pig might have been in contact with chemicals that contained blue dye, rat poison, or that it might have suffered from a copper contamination, a bacterial infection or simply a genetic defect. The people who found it took some samples to the researchers of the University of California Davis to get them analyzed and solve the mystery.

The researchers explained in article how Californian wildlife often are exposed to anticoagulant rodenticide, which tends to change the pigmentation of the fat. Even more intriguingly, the people who found the pig left the carcass out in the open and realized that local predators would not even touch it, let alone eat it.

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