#Undocumoney campaign shows how much undocumented immigrants contribute to economy

#Undocumoney: Campaña Muestra Contribución Económica De Indocumentados

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To prove the inextricable value and nature of undocumented immigrants, The #UndocuMoney team created #UndocuMoney to highlight just how much undocumented immigrants are a part of this economy.

The idea of Undocumoney was the idea of Marisol Soto. As described on the website, Marisol "hopes that through this campaign we can educate and show people the real contributions undocumented immigrants like her and her family make to the economy. We help make this country a better place."

NBC News reported that one of the studies, by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) shows that undocumented immigrants paid $11.2 billion in state and local taxes in 2010.

The issue of undocumented immigrants is a hot topic in the United States, particularly with the 2016 presidential election coming up. Tell us in the comments what you think about the enormous amount of money that is reportedly being contributed to the U.S. economy.

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#Undocumoney campaign shows how much undocumented immigrants contribute to economy
#Undocumoney My mom decided to immigrate to the United States in 2006, 2 years after my dad passed away, a victim of violence in a drug cartel influenced state. Our home state, a beautiful place with wonderful people, beaches, warmth... Had not become a safe place for us any longer. For nine years, we have called Bentonville, Arkansas our home. My mom works as a domestic worker, cleaning houses and offices like many other Latina women out there. She has raised us all by herself during this time. She has sacrificed so much. I'm in my senior year in college as a razorback. My sister is a junior. My brother, a sophomore in high school with a bright future. We work here. Pay taxes here. Buy hundreds of dollars of groceries, clothing, and other items every month. We struggle just like anyone else, but work to make ends meet. No federal or state financial aid for college. No health insurances, or Medicaid. No welfare or food stamps. We do not qualify for any. For the people who do, I am glad the government is able to provide for them in times of need. We are not that privileged. We are immigrants, we sacrifice, work, and persevere. My mom completed her GED in this country with high scores. College diplomas and awards are lining up for us. This is what it's like being an immigrant in this country. Our presence is here. It's time to earn and receive the respect our contributions deserve. #Undocumoney !! Tell us YOUR immigrant story!
#undocumoney #it's #personal Just doing the challenge. Let's spread the word and make the USA see how much we so called "illegal immigrants" contribute to the this economy. If you support this challenge just take any dollar dose not matter how much it's worth. And write #undocumoney on the face. Take a picture and post it on your social midea. Help spread the word. Be sure to use the #undocumoney on the post too. Thanks for everyone support
Take A Bill And Red Pen. Write #undocumoney If You're Undocumented & Earned This Money. Raise Awareness!
#undocumoney I myself am an immigrant was brought over at the age of 2 by my two amazing parents who being here saw better opportunities & wanted a better life style for me!!! Over stayed our visas, Left everything behind in Mexico, took any job even if it was crapy pay, worked long hours paid taxes etc, Bt then 6years later decided to have wt trump calls anchor baby's my 2sisters and brother sorry sir there CITIZENS 👏🏻!! Oh and get this i was told this my 5 grade year That due to not being legal i wouldn't be able to go on to college believe me its pretty upsetting bcz who tells a kid at that age thing like that 😒!! But with that said we aren't criminals we have not killed anybody or been in jail etc our records are clear as glass, & we don't live off of the governments money wt we have which isn't much is too both of then working long and hard take make me n lil siblings better people!! To this day my dad is busting his butt working out of state just to make sure we have wt we need! PPL SHARE UR STORY JOIN US legal or not #immigrantsunited
Okay since ive been challenged twice today. Id thought why not share my story. I am a proud daughter of El Salvadorian immigrants my mother fled El Salvador during the civil war a time where our family members were innocently killed. My mom thought she would never make it past the age 18. My mom bravely came here on her own and my dad followed years later. I am grateful for my parents who have worked hard jobs their entire lives together to give me better opportunities. They are not criminals they are hard working humble individuals who have overcome so many challenges just so they could provide a better life for me. #undocumoney #prouddaughter #vivaloslatinos
#spreadtheword #undocumoney #spreadawearness
This campaign is awesome! Marisol Soto is one smart cookie. #Undocumoney 💲💲#immigration #DACA
I'm an #AnchorBaby and proud of it. Joining the #UNDOCUMONEY movement in honor of all my undocumented loved ones, past and present. I know many, and I know of not one who doesn't pay their full income taxes year after year. And yet, I've watched undocumented loved ones struggle through losing work with no unemployment benefits to rely on, getting hurt while working and surviving with no worker's compensation. Where are all these extra benefits they're supposedly getting, huh? I see nothing but hard work and dutifully paid taxes, in hopes of being recognized by this country eventually. Undocumented Americans add a billion + in taxes yearly, and would add much more if given a fair and proper path to citizenship. Enough with the ugly stereotypes, the misinformation, the constant misplaced hate. No human being is illegal. I stand with undocumented Americans. I challenge you all to support and join the #Undocumoney movement!!! ✊🏽❤️ #UndocumoneyChallenge #Undocumented #UndocumentedAmericans #NoHumanBeingIsIllegal
Many people don't know, but I was undocumented for 10 years before getting my residence card, and just a year ago I became a citizen. I believe this fight should be fought in unity for those that are afraid to speak up. We should not stay in silence for those that do speak and are uneducated and ignorant. So I challenge everyone to learn and become knowledgeable about our politics and community. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe. #undocumoney #walkoutfromtheshadows @icmacho
#Undocumoney joining the movements proud to be son of two amazing immigrants. #Mexicano
Never doubt that one voice can make a difference. It always has. It always will. #undocumoney #somos11millones @undocumoney
Una joven hispana busca destacar el aporte de los #indocumentados a la #economía del país a través de #billetes "marcados" con la etiqueta #undocumoney (dinero indocumentado) en una #campaña que poco a poco gana terreno en las redes sociales. La campaña insta a escribir en letras rojas #undocumoney en los billetes que lleguen a las manos de los indocumentados para crear conciencia del impacto que tiene esta #comunidad y la que podría tener si se llegara a aprobar una #reformamigratoria. "El propósito es que la gente pueda ver cuánto los inmigrantes indocumentados contribuimos a la economía y que es imposible deportar a 11 millones de personas. Sería mejor que nos legalizaran o nos dieran algún tipo de reforma migratoria para que sea aún más", dijo a Efe Marisol Soto. EFE
Do this guys! Check #undocumoney
#undocumoney I have seen first hand the struggle of an immigrant parent taking a crap paying job, working endless hours and still coming home to her children to cook and make sure they eat before she does even though she has swollen feet. For her I am grateful. I am a citizen that was born here. I have other family members and friends who are immigrants, but in reality we are all immigrants to this country! We are just a race that is being picked on for "stealing jobs" being called rapists and criminals. We as Hispanics contribute to this economy more than what people would like to believe! Share your story illegal or not! #immigrantsunite #hispanicsunite
Immigrants believe more in the American dream than Americans do #undocumoney #americandream
#undocumoney Undocumented immigrants contributed 11.2 billion dollars to US in 2010. Join the movement! Post your picture and tag #Undocumoney I forgot to tag 5 people on Instagram to do the challenge! So here are my 5 for Instagram. I challenge you! @scaropena @jairoreyes11 @tapatia_06 @johnny.b @thali.b Post your pic on Facebook and Instagram! Good luck! #Undocumoney
@mesqui09 Undocumented immigrants are hard workers and contribute so much to this economy and it is time to show the nation and in numbers. I support this campaign because even though I am a citizen, I see how my parents work hard everyday to keep me moving on in life. I challenge five friends to post a picture with a dollar with #undocumoney written on it and explain why this is important to you! Let's stand up and show the truth! @xo_alondraxoxo @xo_sehomaraa @_beannzz_ @caro_carolinaa @_carolinaa22 @__juliette1 @_juliaacoronel @_clauudxo
#undocumoney #undocumoneychallenge #letsdothis

Here is a tweet in support of the new program:

And of course a rebuttal against the program:

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