TSA's master keys photos leaked and now everyone can 3-D print their own

3D-Printed TSA Master Keys Put Travellers' Luggage at Risk

A photo that the Washington Post published in November 2014 showed a set of master keys that the TSA uses to open any approved lock. While at first nobody noticed that the photo shouldn't have been there because it reveals the secret design of these universal keys, lock pickers recently realized the gold mine they had found and started 3-D printing their own copies.

The blueprint with photos showing the 3-D print attempt was posted on GitHub with the comment that they are for key collectors only, not for actually breaking into other people's bags, even though they are fully functional as you can see on this Tweet by a security researcher that tried them out:

The TSA master keys are meant to grant security access to your bags while allowing you to lock them from other people, but this major leak is making everyone with a TSA approved lock a vulnerable target. Time to change your locks.

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