These are the most amazing and unbelievable health benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix Recipe
Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix Recipe

Ah, pumpkin seeds -- tiny, delicious little goodies that come from our favorite Halloween carving decorations. Whether or not you eat them on a daily basis, there's no denying that many people in the world absolutely love eating pumpkin seeds.

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From roasting them in salt and caramel to turning them into a yummy trail mix (shown in the video above), there's certainly plenty of ways to consume these little treats -- and let's face it, we're not complaining about that. So, if you're a frequent pumpkin seed eater like we are, you might be asking yourself -- "are they actually GOOD FOR ME?" You want the truth? They are!

There are in fact, several health benefits of pumpkin seeds that you're probably completely unaware of. So, while you're jumping for joy at the fact that your favorite snack has health advantages galore, take a look at their 10 incredible benefits below from Natural Medicine House.

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1) They promote good sleep

2) They are good for prostate health

3) Prevent kidney formation

4) Reduce inflammation for arthritis

5) Kill parasites

6) Reduce levels of LDL cholesterol

7) Are high in zinc

8) Are filled with minerals

9) Are the only seed that is alkaline-forming

10) 100 grams of them are able to provide your body with 30 grams of proteins

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