These 5 Netflix hacks will turn you into a binging master

4 Ways to Perfect Your Netflix Experience

Are you obsessed with Netflix? The platform is the best way to spend some time watching great movies and binge on series, especially now that fall is approaching. But are you really using it at its full potential? Here are a few tricks that will help you become a Netflix Ninja:

1) Netflix Roulette
The options you get are so great that sometimes you spend hours without being able to make up your mind on what you are going to watch. There's a solution to that unlimited search: randomness. Flix Roulette works just as a "random" button and selects a movie for you. You can also apply filters and narrow down the selection.This is going to save you a lot of time, but you might not be into what the bot picks for you.

2) Add Rotten Tomatoes ratings, IMDB links and trailers
In your quest to become an moving image connoisseur you need to know your movies. Netflix Enhancement Suite is an essential add-ons toolbox that will let you see ratings, profiles, and trailers without having to get out of your Netflix experience.

3) Watch other countries' Netflix selection
Different countries have different movies available on Netflix based on regional taste and distribution market. You can access any regional selection through Hola, which tricks the servers into thinking you are browsing from a different country and lets you circumvent local "censorship."

4) Get better video quality
According to a report by Digital Trends, if you watch Netflix during off-peak hours the video quality and loading speed will improve significantly do deliver every single tiny pixel from the original file directly to your screen.

5) Know your shortcuts
Just like with any computer software there are keyboard shortcuts that will save you some time controlling the platform:

- F = full screen; Esc = get out of it.
- Page Down = pause, Page Up = play
- Space = play/pause
- Shift + Right Arrow = fast forward; Shift + Left Arrow = rewind
- M = mute button

You are now ready to binge like a real Netflixer.

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