Family posts shocking video of teen's brain damage after trying ecstasy drug


When 16-year-old Amy Thomson made the decision to take one capsule of crystal MDMA, her life changed forever. Upon taking the drug at a party in Glasgow, she was rushed to the hospital and left critically ill.

Thomson spent three months on life support and two weeks in a coma while in the hospital. When she finally regained consciousness, she was moved to a specialist rehabilitation unit for people with brain injuries. She suffered major damage on the left side of her brain.

Thomson's family decided to post a video on Facebook of the teen in her current state. They want to warn others of the dangers that can occur when taking drugs. In the video, Thomson's speech is slurred and she is seated in a wheelchair. Her cousin Kayla wrote in the video's caption:

"Some people may have cried, laughed or been shocked seeing the video. But this is what a tiny pill can do to you. If this isn't an eye-opener for everyone who continues to take stuff, I dunno what is!"

Many of Thomson's friends hadn't seen her since the June house party at which the incident occurred. They were extremely upset by what they saw in the video. Thomson's family, however, see the video as a sign of hope that Thomson will get better. Kayla wrote:

"Amy won't be like this for the rest of her life. She's getting the best care and support. What you are seeing is amazing compared to the way she was a few weeks ago. She's improved in many amazing ways. She still has many improvements to show us all."

Watch this video to learn more about MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy or molly, and the dangers that can occur when taking the drug:

These Are The Facts About MDMA
These Are The Facts About MDMA

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