Instagram's Big Gal Yoga is your ultimate body confidence guru

Fat Yoga Studios Popping Up Across the Country
Fat Yoga Studios Popping Up Across the Country

We are mostly used to seeing slim bodies populate yoga classes, where impossible positions are achieved through stretching, breathing and practicing the millenary tradition that came back as one of the trendiest activities out there. But who said yoga is exclusive to only certain body types?

Instagram account Big Gal Yoga is challenging this assumption and introducing the practice to people of every shape and size. Valerie, a prolific social media user and body-confidence enthusiast, is reshaping the way we think of body image with her posts. Just a few years after she started practicing Yoga, her love for the practice merged with her mission to encourage others to love their bodies and she started being a motivational inspiration for the masses.

Here is a gallery with some of her motivational Instagram posts:

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