Fashion Week prep: Get a sneak peek into the Banana Republic collection


New York Fashion Week officially started yesterday, off to a rousing start with a bevy of shows, presentations and street style stars braving the rain. As editors, we see Fashion Week from a very specific point of view -- typically just the finished product on the runways -- so we are always thrilled to get an inside glimpse into the other half of this incredible world -- the thought process behind the collections.

We had the chance to speak with Marissa Webb, Banana Republic's Creative Director, and pick her brain about the upcoming collection for spring. We might have to wait until Saturday to see it, but from what Marissa told us about the pieces, inspired by the design team's trip to Morocco, it's going to be one that fills our wardrobes.

AOL Style: Can you tell us a little bit about how Morocco inspired the Spring 2016 collection?
Marissa Webb:
Morocco was the ultimate visual experience, but really stimulated all of our senses. The color combinations, bustling marketplaces and architecture all influenced our Spring collection.

AOL Style: What does pre-show prep look like, 1 month out, and then 1 week out?
Marissa Webb:
A month before the show we are chasing samples to get here on time, finalizing the venue and working on the music and all the little details that make a show - like the color of the floor.

One week out, we're casting the models and starting to fit the pieces we love the most. The looks are starting to come together, but nothing is completely finalized until the doors are open. It's organized chaos.

AOL Style: What are the trends you're most excited about from the spring collection?
Marissa Webb:
Spring is all about updated proportions, modern tailoring, new bold prints. I'm also really excited about having amazing, updated classics.

AOL Style: Fashion Week often focuses so much on womenswear, what are you most excited for in menswear this year?
Marissa Webb: I've always taken queues from menswear, whether in my personal dress or the way I design and style my collections. For Banana Republic, I'm excited about the new versatility of the suiting and having more fun with our prints, patterns and colors.

AOL Style: What is your favorite piece from Spring 2016 for us to look out for? [Also asked of Michael Anderson, Banana Republic's SVP of Design]
Marissa Webb:
I can't pick one favorite! just look out for everything ;)
Michael Anderson: My favorite piece is the window pane double breasted jacket & matching short.

Watch this space for more coverage of the Banana Republic collection Saturday, September 12th!

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