Dublin Airport seeks public's help in reuniting a 1946 photo with its owner

Dublin Airport Seeks Public's Help In Reuniting A 1946 Photo With Its Owner

Moving through airports can be hectic, and workers at Dublin Airport believe that in the process somebody left a photo dating back to 1946.
The picture was recently found in a security screening area.

Airport personnel have taken to social media in hopes of finding the old photograph's owner.

On Twitter, they posted an image of both the front and back and asked the public to help by retweeting.

The photo is of two young children, and writing on the reverse reads, "David and Sandra, 1946, Neville Road in Birmingham."

A spokesperson for the airport commented on the special interest being taken in this particular lost item.

He said, "Presumably if the person was carrying it in their hand luggage, it has significant personal value. If it dates from 1946, it's most likely the only copy."
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