Video of cops helping ducks cross road is a social media hit

Video Of Cops Helping Ducks Cross Road Is A Social Media Hit

Ducks, just like people, sometimes have an urgent need to cross the road even when traffic is not in their favor.

A family of ducks eager to get to a puddle on the other side of a busy street in Christchurch, New Zealand, had a stroke of great luck.

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They ran into a few police officers who helped them avert danger and safely make it to their destination.

A member of the Christchurch Police Department guided them along the side of the roadway, and when they began to cross the road, the officer stopped oncoming cars.

Other officers followed and the kind deed was captured on video. The department posted the footage to their Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who stopped while this family of ducklings flagged down a Police escort across a busy Christchurch intersection. They went on to explore a newly formed water feature!!! :) ;)

Posted by Canterbury Police on Monday, September 7, 2015

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