University introduces mandatory transgender education class

Cambridge College Embraces Transgender Students
Cambridge College Embraces Transgender Students

One of Thailand's oldest and most prestigious schools, Thammasat University, is turning heads as they are now requiring freshmen to take a Social Life Skills class, which focusses on gender identity.

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In an effort to better shape and educate the students, this course will "help address widespread misunderstanding and misconceptions and enable students to understand transgender people."

One of the highlights of the course is a special guest lecturer. Kritipat (Jimmy) Chotidhanitsakul is one of the most well-known transgender men in Thailand. When asked to lecture at the university, he was more than happy to help.

According to the Asian Correspondent, on the first day of the course, Jimmy spoke about his struggle with his own gender identity, and explained the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.

%shareLinks-quote="I am very happy to be teaching so many students...I hope they will mature into adults who understand transgender issues and set a new trend for society." type="quote" author="Jimmy Chotidhanitsakul" authordesc="Asian Correspondent" isquoteoftheday="false"%

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