Science proves these fashion tips make women more attractive

Science Proves These Fashion Tips Make Women More Attractive
Science Proves These Fashion Tips Make Women More Attractive

Whether you're looking to up your Tinder game, have a hot Valentine's Day date or you just think science is fascinating, this one's for you! Here are five scientifically proven items that men find the most attractive on women.

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1. Heels. Science proves that when a woman wears heels, she has a higher chance of being approached. We love these 3 styles:

2. Sleeveless outfits. A study from the University of New South Wales proves that men are actually more attracted to a woman's arms. So if you feel comfortable in a sleeveless top or dress, rock it. Shop these great looks:

3. A bodycon dress. Another study showed that men are most attracted to an hourglass figure. And the best way to show off your curves is in a bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses with a slimming pattern that go in at the waist can really give you that hourglass shape. Try these on for size:

4. The color red. Red has been used in society for ages to symbolize passion, lust and romance. And, let's be honest, red is flattering on every skin tone. Check out our favorite red pieces:

5. A little black dress. Wear your LBD when you don't feel like being completely bold in red. Famed clothing designer Elizabeth Hawes once said, "five out of five men are said to look twice at any girl in a black dress." We adore these LBDs:

Here's to making them look twice, and then reeling them in with our fantastic personalities!

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