Chicago police officer buys Chipotle for homeless man who was dumpster diving

Photo Of Chicago Cop Buying Homeless Man Meal At Chipotle Goes Viral
Photo Of Chicago Cop Buying Homeless Man Meal At Chipotle Goes Viral

Last week, Chicago police officer Sergeant B. Hagarty did something absolutely heartwarming, and he had no idea that someone caught it on camera.

The officer was eating lunch at a Chicago Chipotle when he saw a man dumpster diving outside in an effort to look for food. The officer was eating by a window at the restaurant, and someone who was eating at the Chipotle saw him knock on the window to ask the man if he was hungry.

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Rachel Miller, a Chipotle customer, took photos of the man and the officer in line at the restaurant and posted them to Facebook. In her post, she recalls that the officer motioned for the man to come inside once he nodded his head and indicated that he was hungry.

A 35-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department has been lauded online after an image of him buying a homeless man a...

Posted by JSUK News on Sunday, September 6, 2015

The post reads: "The cop told him to set what belongings he had next to him and told him to order what he wanted because he would pay for it. They stood in line together and at the end the cop paid for the man's meal." She ended her Facebook post by writing, "If everyone did something simple like this every day the world would be a better place."

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