Caitlyn Jenner laughs off Halloween costumes: 'I think it's great!'

Does Caitlyn Jenner Miss Living as a Man?
Does Caitlyn Jenner Miss Living as a Man?

Social media may have been outraged over retailers selling a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume, embedded below, but the transgender icon isn't bothered by it.

In fact, as she told Matt Lauer in the first of a two-part golf course interview that aired on Wednesday's Today, she thinks "it's great!"

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"I don't think it's offensive at all. I know the community does and they've gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it's great!," she said, laughing. "To be honest with you, I think it's great! Except they could have a better looking outfit for her...;We could have done our own costume. I mean that was a serious bustier on the cover of Vanity Fair. At least give her some better clothes. You've got to enjoy life. Life's too short. I can't get too upset about that kind of stuff."

That said, Jenner admitted there's a "fine line" when it came to cracking jokes about her and that before she went public with her transition, she was hurt by some of the late-night humor at her expense.

"Back in the old days when all of the rumors were out and the media was destroying me, it was extraordinarily hurtful to me, to my family, for them, the late-night guys in particular ...; to make disparaging jokes," she said.

Jenner also told Lauer that she knows that it's tough for people to understand her transition and get things like pronouns right with her.

"I'm the easiest on people," she said. "Now the community, GLAAD, all the people in the community are like, 'Oh my God, you have to get the pronouns right. You have to do this. You have to do that.' I'm much more tolerant than that. I understand that it's difficult for people to understand this, and that's OK."

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And Jenner was committed to continuing her transition on the golf course, telling Lauer "of course" she was going to hit from the women's tees.

Lauer jokingly protested, saying "that's just not fair," but Jenner remained firm, laughing with him, before proposing a compromise: "I'll hit it from the tips."

And she said there's nothing she misses about life as a man.

"I've lived the ultimate male [life]. I think about my life and where I'm at in my life right now and what a tremendous experience this is. Hardly nobody gets to live two genders in their lives," Jenner said. "Everybody wonders what's it like to come from the other side, you know, their thinking, the way they act. And here I have the opportunity to do that. And to be honest with you, everything's so new and fun, from that standpoint it's been great. There's nothing better than to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and feel comfortable with yourself and who you are."

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The two also talked about the car crash she was involved in on the Pacific Coast Highway, which resulted in a woman dying. While Jenner admitted she couldn't say much about that because of the ongoing litigation, she argued she'll "never get over it." And she insisted, despite reports about speed being a factor in the crash, that she wasn't speeding.

"I was under the speed limit," she said. "I was doing 46 in a 50. My airbag didn't even go off. All I needed was maybe a half a second of time. I almost got stopped but I couldn't quite get it stopped. I was pulling a trailer."

When Lauer brought up the possibility that she could spend a year in a county jail, she laughed, "The media wants that picture don't they?"

"That is the worst-case scenario," she added. "I don't know; we'll see."

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She then quickly pivoted back to transgender issues, noting that trans women are put in the men's county jail, calling that "an enormous problem ...; but those are things we're looking into."

Watch the full first part of Jenner's interview with Lauer below. The second part of the interview airs on Thursday's Today.

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