Autistic boy locked in cage at school

Photo courtesy of The Sun / Facebook
Photo courtesy of The Sun / Facebook

In bizarrely unthinkable news, a principal in Canberra, Australia has officially been fired after reports surfaced that she spent £2,400 ($5,195) of school funds to have a 7ft by 7ft "cage" built inside of a classroom.

It was meant as a "quiet space" for a 10-year-old autistic student, because he was "disrupting lessons."

The cage was constructed from blue-painted pool fencing, and was completely enclosed, locking the person inside. It is reported that the student was locked in the cage once before it was removed.

To conceal the student's identity, the school and student's name are not being released.

For a headteacher to do this is unthinkable

Posted by The Sun on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

News of the cage originally surfaced on March 17, but didn't reach a senior school executive until nine days later. The cage was removed on March 27. The reports regarding the incident are just now being finalized.

%shareLinks-quote="Education Minister Joy Burch said she 'remained disappointed and disturbed' over how the cage had ever come to be built in a school classroom and expressed her frustration over the time take to finalize the inquiry. " type="quote" author="Education Minister Joy Burch" authordesc="International Business Times" isquoteoftheday="false"%

In Queens, New York, a teacher is under fire after allegedly assaulting an autistic boy:

Disturbing Audio Emerges Of Teacher Allegedly Assaulting Autistic Boy
Disturbing Audio Emerges Of Teacher Allegedly Assaulting Autistic Boy

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