Adventure Cats are taking over Instagram

Grumpy Cat Throws Ceremonial First Pitch in Arizona
Grumpy Cat Throws Ceremonial First Pitch in Arizona

Grumpy Cat needs to beware of a new trend that might become even more popular than she is. With the hashtag #adventurecats, a whole community of cat lovers has been posting photos on Instagram of very brave cats climbing mountains, walking through deserts, kayaking, camping, biking and doing some other extreme activities that you would not generally expect a lazy house pet to do.

These photos are evidence that you don't need to give up on your feline friend if you are an adventure lover. Just bring your pet along and enjoy your exploration even more. In addition to the trending hashtag, someone started also gathering all similar photos on one single account named adventurecatsorg and it makes you want to start planning your next trip immediately.

Here are some incredible photos of some of these cats' adventures:

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