YouTuber's 'Dear Fat People' video goes viral

YouTuber Behind 'Dear Fat People' Video: 'I Don't Care If You're Offended'
YouTuber Behind 'Dear Fat People' Video: 'I Don't Care If You're Offended'

When YouTube comedian Nicole Arbour posted a video entitled "Dear Fat People," she had no idea it would completely blow up.

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Arbour, who posts videos like "Dear Instagram Models" and "Why you REALLY got divorced," is at it again. Her "Dear Fat People" video has already racked up over a million views since being posted just a few days ago.

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Arbour's six-minute rant basically explains why she thinks that fat-shaming is "not a thing" and that obese people should be "shamed into losing weight." She also compares people who are overweight to "slow-moving zombies and Frankenstein's monster."

Watch the full video here:

Arbour has made some enemies on social media, who were offended by her video:

Arbour took to Twitter to address the negative press surrounding her viral video.

She also retweeted Twitter fans who agreed with her video:

She also links to a fellow Youtuber's video, in which Skagg 3defends Arbour:

On the other side of things, famous Youtuber and E! star, Grace Helbig, weighed in on the controversy:

So we want to know, what do you think about Arbour's "Dear Fat People" video?

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