This designer invented a way to turn air pollution into jewels

The Tower That Clears Smog
The Tower That Clears Smog

Air pollution is a major issue across the globe with cities like Beijing becoming almost uninhabitable because of the smog's intensity. A dutch designer seems to have found a way to not only clean up the air, but also to help people visualize what the pollution actually looks like and turn it into something useful, or at least fashionable.

Daan Roosegaarde has been working for three years on a machine that works as a gigantic air purifier and cleans more than 30,000 cubic meters per hour. The pollution, which is broken down at the nano level, is condensed into small, black particles that can be turned into gem stones for rings. Each single stone equals cleaning 1,000 cubic meters of air from the pollution that you are going to be able to wear.

The artist is running a Kickstarter where you can grab your own ring and help support the expansion of the project beyond the Netherlands. By buying or gifting a ring you will basically be donating 1,000 cubic meters of clean air. A working prototype is currently up and running in Rotterdam and the team is working on bringing it to other cities. Here is Daan Roosegaarde explaining the project:

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