This Chrome extension replaces every 'refugee' with 'human'

Europe Struggles to Cope With Influx of Migrants
Europe Struggles to Cope With Influx of Migrants

With the immigration crisis intensifying in Europe, we are constantly witnessing news updates on "refugees," "migrants," "asylum seekers" and other ways to refer to the massive influx of people who are trying to get through the borders of the European Union.

According to Agency, a creative studio based in New York and Sidney, the narrative that we are creating around these people is often dehumanizing. The team therefore came up with a Chrome extension they called "Rehumanize," which they refer to as "the Chrome extension for humanity":

It's in your newsfeed, it's in the news. Too often those fleeing disaster and despair are called "queue jumpers", "boat people" or worse.. "illegals". It's easy to lose sight of their humanity.

This simple Chrome extension replaces these words and brings in a little more dignity. Let's call them humans.


You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store and every "dehumanizing" word will be automatically replaced.

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