Someone is already camping outside of an Apple Store even though nothing has been announced

What to Expect from Apple

Apple fans around the world are getting extremely excited about the September 9th event. So excited that even though nothing has yet been announced, someone has already planted a tent outside of an Apple Store to make sure to be the first to grab whatever new product the company has up its sleeve.

CNET editor Seamus Byrne walked past an Australian store in the morning and took a photo, which he promptly published on Twitter, of the camper:

Lining up in front of Apple Store is one of the iconic traditions of the brand's fans, but usually this happens when the company announces a release date for a specific product, as it happened for the iPhone 6 or previous major releases that made fans move their belongings to the side of the streets just to be the first ones to put their hands on the latest iProducts:

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