People tell shocking confessions of what it's like to live on minimum wage

One of the largest debates within the 2016 presidential campaign is that over the federal minimum wage. The minimum wage is meant to prevent workers from getting cheated out of fair pay and to guarantee a live-able salary for all United States employees. However, it still leaves many people desperately seeking higher pay as they struggle to support their families and pay off loans.

While many Democratic candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley support a minimum wage raise by 2020, Republicans insist that raising such wages wouldn't be economically feasible. Thus, the issue of minimum wages has become highly relevant and controversial.

Of course, those taking the hardest hit in the midst of the controversy are minimum wage workers themselves. Therefore, several minimum wage workers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share some shocking confessions about their struggles to survive on minimum wage.

They're making less money than welfare recipients.
I would make more on welfare than I'm making from my minimum wage job. I don't want to abuse the system but now I see why people do.

It causes a loss of confidence and pride.
I've worked so hard, and have nothing to show for it. I'm almost 30 and making minimum wage. I'm smart, talented.. And lost

People often feel cheated and taken for granted.
My job is taking such advantage of my hard work. I make minimum wage. I work too hard to be this poor.

It's especially frustrating when minimum wage workers don't enjoy their jobs.
All I want is a job that I don't mind going to. Too much unnecessary stress over minimum wage pay..

Adding student loans to the mix makes minimum wage barely live-able.
I am a college dropout making minimum wage drowning in $40,000 of student loan debt.

Some minimum wage workers are self-conscious and fear being judged by others.
I think people look down on me because I make minimum wage.

It can certainly put a strain on relationships.
I make minimum wage that all goes to school loans, and my boyfriend pays all of our bills. I have no money, can't go anywhere, and feel guilty all the time because I can feel his resentment.

It can also reduce people's motivation.
I feel like I am mediocre at my job. But I only get minimum wage.. so I dont try harder

Some resort to illegal tactics to get the compensation they feel they deserve.
I steal from my job all the time. Why shouldn't I? I make minimum wage and I'm not being compensated for all the work that I do.

Others are even ashamed of their careers.
I'm ashamed of making minimum wage at a retail job. It makes me feel stupid.

It makes starting and supporting a family nearly impossible.
I make minimum wage at my current job, and I can JUST afford to make my car insurance payments. There's no way a family could survive on this.

Even the most intelligent people are forced to work minimum wage jobs.
I work 45+ hours a week making minimum wage because my scholarship didn't go through. I had 4.0 GPA in high school.

Some go to great lengths in a desperate effort to save money.
I work full time making minimum wage, but after taxes, bills & two kids to support I'm so broke. I switch the tags in all the clothes I buy from walmart to save money...

Well-trained, college-educated people find themselves working minimum wage jobs despite having passions and dreams in other industries.
I wish I could get a job for what I went to college for, instead of making minimum wage with a degree.

For more minimum wage confessions, check out Whisper.

Watch this video to learn more about the strings attached to increasing the federal minimum wage:

Will Raising The Federal Minimum Wage Work?

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