Parents say doctor gave them wrong baby and sold their real son

Dallas Couple's Baby Was Swapped in El Salvador
Dallas Couple's Baby Was Swapped in El Salvador

This is truly every parent's worst fear come true.

DNA tests reveal there is a 0.000% chance that the baby Mercedes Casanellas and Richard Cushworth were given in the hospital is biologically theirs.

The couple believe that their son was swapped for darker-skinned baby shortly after Casanellas gave birth at a private hospital in her home country of El Salvador.

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The couple then returned to their home in Dallas, Texas, and realized something was not right. As reported by the Daily Mail, Casanellas explained, "I would take photos of him and put them next to my husband, trying to find something of us in him...But my motherly instincts kept telling me that he wasn't mine."

The family's doctor, Alejandro Guidos, was recently arrested in connection to this bizarre plot, according to their family's lawyer, Francisco Meneses.

Watch Mercedes Casanellas's emotional plea to find her real baby:

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