Despite rescue attempts, beached shark fails to survive in Cape Cod

Despite Rescue Attempts, Beached Shark Fails To Survive In Cape Cod

Authorities and beachgoers in Cape Cod banded together to save a great white shark that had ended up on the shore, but sadly their efforts were not successful.

The 14-foot-long sea animal was found thrashing about on Wellfleet's White Crest Beach on Sunday morning, and authorities received word of it around 8 am.

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An examination revealed that the shark was injured, and from the outset of the rescue effort, its chances of survival were uncertain.

Authorities enlisted the help of beachgoers to keep the great white wet while they readied it for towing.

After the animal was pulled off the shore, the boat circled the waters numerous times in hopes the shark would get enough water over its gills to be revived.

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Unfortunately, the shark could not be saved.

See the video below for a successful shark rescue attempt from earlier this summer:
Great White Shark Rescued By Heroic Beachgoers

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