Creating lasting traditions with your family

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Creating lasting traditions with your family
"Whenever one of us goes away on a long trip they get to choose the first meal together when they arrive home. In the limited time we are all together, our family has made the choice to make sure our meal times are spent gathered around the table, unplugged from our cell phones and engaged in conversations with one another." -- Beard and Bonnett
"Plus, when meals are served on Dixie® paper plates, it makes for easy clean-up - which means we can spend more time connecting, and less time around the sink." -- Beard and Bonnet
"The most prominent [tradition] is Sunday dinner at my grandparent’s house.  Summer dinners are served after a full day of swimming in their pool and when it gets colder we eat in between card games. This is something that has been part of my weekly routine since I was little and now I share it with my own children." -- Life With the Crusts Cut Off
"Of course, after dinner we all jump up to help my grandma put away the food and get the dishes done, a chore none of us enjoy. ... Now we have a new tradition that makes sure everyone gets out of the kitchen and into the conversation, Dixie® products." -- Life With the Crusts Cut Off
"Next month, my family will be getting together to celebrate my 23rd birthday.  Every year we usually rotate where we go and for what celebration.  It’s a tradition that’s never let us down. I can’t wait to show everyone around town to the places I’ve tried and loved." -- Dessert with Benefits
"[Recently,] I went on my first picnic EVER! ... I brought coffee (obviously), organic milk, vegan and gluten-free cupcakes from the Farmer’s Market, as well as homemade blondies and coconut macaroons. And how were we able to eat all this deliciousness?  Dixie® plates, napkins and utensils." -- Dessert with Benefits
"We start out getting to know our neighbors by inviting them over for drinks and dessert on Friday nights. After a long workweek, everyone looks forward to a cocktail and a little sugar. My husband handles the drinks, and I, of course, make the dessert. However, I need a little more than dessert for two, don’t I? I mean, sometimes a small batch of cupcakes that makes 4 is perfect, but I always like to send people home with extra for the kiddos. This tradition has served us well everywhere we’ve lived. We’ve made life-long friends with our neighbors in every state we’ve lived in. " -- Dessert for Two
"Our neighborly visits often go late, and I’m too tired to do dishes when everyone leaves, so I use paper plates. I think it provides a more casual feeling anyway. Last Friday, I used these pretty floral Dixie® paper plates. Cleanup was a breeze, and they’re perfect for sending home leftovers, too." -- Dessert for Two
"Today I wanted to share a family tradition we started last year when my son started school. Meet the waffle bar. My kids’ favorite thing is breakfast for dinner. So to celebrate the new year beginning and all the fun memories we made over the summer, we have a big ol' waffle bar." -- I Heart Naptime
"I'm excited to be partnering with Dixie® on this post for their "Be More Here campaign." I love the campaign and how it focuses on being present during these special moments with the ones that we love. One way we've tried to make this dinner special is by giving our kids our ultimate attention." -- I Heart Naptime
"Good food, good company and good conversation are the stuff we will remember.  The more comfortable everyone is, the better.  Here is part of where Dixie® comes in to help me be more present in the moment." -- Mom Foodie
"Not only can my time be spent enjoying my guests rather than doing dishes (or tackling a big mess later), but when you leave a fresh stack of Dixie® plates in the kitchen and invite everyone to help themselves, more will." -- Mom Foodie
"Just the smell of cookies baking in the oven sends me down memory lane.  I love making cookies, and they have played a major role in many aspects of my life.   That might sound funny, but it’s true.  My first homemade cookies were baked, at age nine, on my Easy Bake Oven.  I felt a sense of pride and loved how happy my parents looked when offered one of my creations.  I knew I had found one of my true loves." -- Simply Sated
"My time spent making homemade cookies has been worth every second.  It is because I have never offered someone a cookie without receiving a smile in return.   The Dixie® Be More Here campaign is about being in the moment. It’s about family and friends and spending time doing simple things that connect us – all the while keeping things simple so we can focus on each other and enjoy the moments that truly matter." -- Simply Sated

We live in a world where technology tends to reign supreme, and it seems that everyone has a mobile device (even little ones!). While that makes us a more connected society, it's definitely a very different kind of connection. So when we're with our families, it's so crucial to savor the moments you have together and build fun traditions that you'll turn to year after year.

When you're sitting down for a meal and enjoying time with the ones you love, there are a few things that can make the moment even sweeter. Great food, great people, great conversation ... and the right products that help make preparing and serving the meal as easy as pie. Because wouldn't you rather play in the family's weekly game of cards than spend time doing the dishes?

Dixie® products aren't just adorably colorful, they're durable, practical and help you worry less about chores, and more about being with the people you love. Click through above to see how our bloggers use and love Dixie® to help them 'Be More Here'!

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